The Name Pontius Pilate

Meaning of His Name

Pilate's family name, "Pontius", indicates that he was connected, by descent or adoption, with the clan of Pontii.

His surname, "Pilatus", may have been derived from pilatus which means armed with pilum (or javelin), or pileatus, the pileus (or cap) being the badge of freed slaves.


Pontius Pilate
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The main historical sources about the life of Pontius Pilate were:

- Josephus (75-94 A.D. approx.)

- The New Testament (50-100 A.D. approx.)

- Jewish and Christian Tradition

- Archaeology: inscriptions, coins, written text.

Bibliography on Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate by Wroe, 432 Pages, Pub. 2001

Pontius Pilate a Novel by Maier, 384 Pages


Pontius Pilate

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