Timeline of Old Testament Events

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The Old Testament - A Brief Overview

Approximate Timeline of the Old Testament

Important Old Testament Dates:

Adam (About 4000 B.C)

The Flood (About 2400 B.C.)

Abraham (About 2000 B.C.)

Jacob (About 1900 B.C.)

Joseph (About 1800 B.C.)

Moses (About 1450 B.C.)

Ruth (About 1150 B.C.)

Samuel (About 1100 B.C.)

Saul (About 1053 B.C.)

David (About 1013 B.C.)

Solomon (About 973 B.C.)

Division of the Kingdom (About 933 B.C.)

Galilee Captivity (About 734 B.C.)

Captivity of Israel (About 721 B.C.)

Babylon Conquers Judah (About 606 B.C.)

Jehoiachin's Captivity (About 597 B.C.)

Destruction of Jerusalem (About 586 B.C.)

Return from Captivity (About 536 B.C.)

Temple Rebuilt (About 520 B.C.)

Esther is Queen of Persia (About 478 B.C.)

Ezra goes to Jerusalem (About 457 B.C.)

Nehemiah builds the Wall (About 444 B.C.)

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The Story of the Bible - Part One - The Old Testament

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Bibliography Resources on the Old Testament

A Survey of Old Testament Introduction, Revised and Expanded by Archer, 508 Pages, Pub. 2007


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