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Brief Summary. The epistle of 3 John is a letter where John commends a Christian man named Gaius who showed warm hearted hospitality to certain missionary helpers of John's. These same missionaries had been treated badly by an officer of the local church named Diotrephes. Not only does John commend Gaius for his hospitality but he calls him beloved four times. John writes this letter to inform Gaius as to how to deal with this situation and to tell him of his plan to visit him and the church as soon as possible.


Latin: Iohannis III

Greek: Ioannou g, Third (letter) of John

Author: John the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Date: 80-90

Place: Ephesus

Writing to: Gaius, a Christian in the region of Ephesus.

Doctrinal Classification: Personal Note

General Theme: Exhortation in view of tyrannical teacher in the church.


Important Points: A Rebuke to Certain Helpers. John thanks Gaius for his kindness to Godís people and rebukes Diotrephes.


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3 John. "CHRISTIAN communion is exerted and cherished by letter. Christians are to be commended in the practical proof of their professed subjection to the gospel of Christ. The animating and countenancing of generous and public-spirited persons is doing good to many--to this end the apostle sends this encouraging epistle to his friend Gaius, in which also he complains of the quite opposite spirit and practice of a certain minister, and confirms the good report concerning another more worthy to be imitated." - Matthew Henry (Read More)


Outline of the Book of 3 John (Scriptures and Topics Covered)
The Godliness and Generosity of Gaius - 1:1-8
The Selfishness of Diotrephes - 1:9-11
The Good Example of Demetrius - 1:12


Questions for further study.

Who was the author of the book of Third John?

Who was Gaius?

Why did John thank Gaius?

Who was Diotrephes?

Why did John rebuke Diotrephes?

Who was Demetrius?

What was praiseworthy about Demetrius?

When was the book of Third John written?

Where was the book of  Third John written?

What language was the book of Third John written in?

Why did John feel the need to write Third John?

What is the main theme of the book of Third John?

What was John's relationship with the city of Ephesus?


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