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The Book of 2 Peter


Brief Summary. Peter wrote to warn Christians aware of the false teachers who were spreading destructive doctrines among the churches. He also encourages his Christian readers to grow in Christian character (1 Peter 1:5-15; 3:18). He also encourages his readers to be patient as they wait for the Lord's return (1 Peter 3:1-14).


Latin: Petri II

Greek: Petrou b, Second (letter) of Peter

Author: Peter One of the Twelve

Date: 63-64

Place: Rome

Writing to: Christians in Asia Minor

Doctrinal Classification: Eschatology

General Theme: Certainty of the gospel and the Day of the Lord


Important Points: Prediction of Apostasy. Deals with the person on an inward level, warnings against false teachers, and mentions the Day of the Lord.


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2 Peter. "THE penman of this epistle appears plainly to be the same who wrote the foregoing; and, whatever difference some learned men apprehend they discern in the style of this epistle from that of the former, this cannot be a sufficient argument to assert that it was written by Simon who succeeded the apostle James in the church at Jerusalem, inasmuch as he who wrote this epistle calls himself Simon Peter, and an apostle (2 Peter 1:1), and says that he was one of the three apostles that were present at Christ's transfiguration (2 Peter 1:18), and says expressly that he had written a former epistle to them, 2 Peter 3:1. The design of this second epistle is the same with that of the former, as is evident from the 2 Peter 3:1, whence observe that, in the things of God, we have need of precept upon precept, and line upon line, and all little enough to keep them in remembrance; and yet these are the things which should be most faithfully recorded and frequently remembered by us." - Matthew Henry (Read More)


Outline of the Book of 2 Peter (Scriptures and Topics Covered)
Developing Faith - Chapter 1
Denouncing False Teachers - Chapter 2
Key to Future Grace - Chapter 3


Questions for further study.

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What is the gospel?

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Who was the Emperor Nero?


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