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The Book of 1 Timothy


Brief Summary. Paul warns the leaders at the church in Ephesus of the many dangers that they were facing (Acts 20:17-31). Problems had obviously happened at the church, there were teachers who were not following sound doctrine (1 Timothy 6:3). Paul wrote this letter to advise Timothy who was very young, on how to deal with these issues, and also encouraged him in his duties as a minister.


Latin: Timotheum I

Greek: Timotheon a, First (letter) to Timothy

Author: Paul (Saul) of Tarsus

Date: 62

Place: Macedonia

Writing to: Timothy in Ephesus

Doctrinal Classification: Eschatology

General Theme: Pastoral care of a church


Important Points: The Care for the Church. Instructions to Timothy on proper leadership and dealings with false teachers, the role of women, prayer, and requirements of elders and deacons.


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1 Timothy. "HITHERTO Paul's epistles were directed to churches; now follow some to particular persons: two to Timothy, one to Titus, and another to Philemon--all three ministers. Timothy and Titus were evangelists, an inferior order to the apostles, as appears by Ephesians 4:11, Some prophets, some apostles, some evangelists. Their commission and work was much the same with that of the apostles, to plant churches, and water the churches that were planted; and accordingly they were itinerants, as we find Timothy was. Timothy was first converted by Paul, and therefore he calls him his own son in the faith: we read of his conversion, Acts 16:3. The scope of these two epistles is to direct Timothy how to discharge his duty as an evangelist at Ephesus, where he now was, and where Paul ordered him for some time to reside, to perfect the good work which he had begun there. As for the ordinary pastoral charge of that church, he had very solemnly committed it to the presbytery, as appears from Acts 20:28, where he charges the presbyters to feed the flock of God, which he had purchased with his own blood." - Matthew Henry (Read More)


Outline of the Book of 1 Timothy (Scriptures and Topics Covered)
Instruction and Sound Doctrine - Chapter 1
Instruction and Public Prayer and Worship - Chapter 2
Instruction and The Local Church - Chapter 3
Instruction and Pastoral Ministry - Chapter 4


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