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tel-abib Summary and Overview

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tel-abib in Easton's Bible Dictionary

hill of corn, a place on the river Chebar, the residence of Ezekiel (Ezek. 3:15). The site is unknown.

tel-abib in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(cornhill) was probably a city of Chaldaea or Babylonia, not of upper Mesopotamia as generally supposed. #Eze 3:16| The whole scene of Ezekiel's preaching and visions seems to have been Chaldaea proper; and the river Chebar, as already observed, was not the Khabour, but a branch of the Euphrates.

tel-abib in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

The "hill" or "mound" Abib. The place of Ezekiel's residence among the Jewish captives in Babylonia, on the Chebar, a branch of the Euphrates (Ezekiel 3:15); the nahr Malcha, Nebuchadnezzar's royal canal.