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moladah in Easton's Bible Dictionary

birth, a city in the south of Judah which fell to Simeon (Josh. 15:21-26; 19:2). It has been identified with the modern el-Milh, 10 miles east of Beersheba.

moladah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(birth, race), a city of Judah, one of those which lay in the district of "the south." #Jos 15:26; 19:2| In the latter tribe it remained at any rate till the reign of David, #1Ch 4:28| but by the time of the captivity it seems to have come back into the hands of Judah, by whom it was reinhabited after the captivity. #Ne 11:26| It may be placed at el-Milh, which is about 4 English miles from Tell Arad, 17 or 18 from Hebron, and 9 or 10 due east of Beersheba.

moladah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

MOL'ADAH (birth), a city in the South of Judah, Josh 15:21-26; given to Simeon, and occupied by Shimei, Josh 19:2; 1 Chr 4:28; settled after the Captivity, Neh 11:26. Probably el-Milh, 10 miles east of Beersheba, marks the site of ancient Moladah. There are ruins of a fortified town, two wells, one with water at the depth of 40 feet; and the wells are surrounded with marble troughs. Arab tradition says that Abraham dug these wells and watered his flocks here.

moladah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

A city in southern Judah, next Edom (Joshua 15:26), given to Simeon (Joshua 19:2; 1 Chronicles 4:28). It reverted to Judah after the captivity (Nehemiah 11:25-26). Now Khirbet el Milh, a ruin with two wells, one dry, the other with water at a depth of more than 40 ft. On the road from Petra to Hebron, ten miles E. of Beersheba.