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lebaoth in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(lionesses), a town which forms one of the last group of the cities of "the south" in the enumeration of the possessions of Judah, #Jos 15:32| probably identical with Beth-lebaoth.

lebaoth in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

LEB'AOTH (lionesses), a town belonging to the tribes of Judah; probably identical with Beth-Lebaoth or Beth-Birei. Josh 15:32 now Birek.

lebaoth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

("lionesses" implying their presence formerly). A city in the extreme S. of Judah (Joshua 15:32), afterward transferred to Simeon (Joshua 19:6), whose portion, like Levi's, was "scattered" in Israel (Genesis 49:5-7) on account of the cruelty in Genesis 34:25-26. Now el Beyudh.