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je-iel in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(treasured of God). 1. A Reubenite of the house of Joel. #1Ch 5:7| 2. A Merarite Levite, one of the gate-keepers to the sacred tent. #1Ch 15:18| His duty was also to play the harp, ver. #1Ch 15:21| or the psaltery and harp, #1Ch 16:5| in the service before the ark. (B.C. 1043.) 3. A Gershonite Levite, one of the Bene-Asaph, forefather of Jahaziel in the time of King Jehoshaphat. #2Ch 20:14| (B.C. 910.) 4. The scribe who kept the account of the numbers of King Uzziah's irregular predatory warriors. #2Ch 26:11| (B.C. 803.) 5. A Gershonite Levite, one of the Bene-Elizaphan. #2Ch 29:13| 6. One of the chiefs of the Levites in the time of Josiah. #2Ch 35:9| (B.C. 623.) 7. One of the Bene-Adonikam who formed part of the caravan of Ezra from Babylon to Jerusalem. #Ezr 8:13| (B.C. 459.) 8. A layman of the Bene-Nebo, who had taken a foreign wife and had to relinquish her. #Ezr 10:43| (B.C. 459.)