Map of the Last Passover and Death of Jesus
Map of Jesus' Ministry

Photo of the Face of the Temple from a model. Map of the Events Surrounding Jesus' Finals Days in Jerusalem

Timeline of Events


Events at the Temple

Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Mat 21:1-11; Mk 11:1-11; Lk 19:29-44; Jn 12:12-19).

Jesus Enters the Temple (Mat 21:12; Mk 11:11; Lk 19:45).

Jesus Drives the Vendors Out of the Temple (Mat 21:12,13; Lk 19:45, 46).

The Blind and Lame Come to Jesus (Mat 21:14).

Jesus Was Teaching Daily in the Temple (Lk 19:47, 48).

The Withered Fig Tree (Mat 21:17-22; Mk 11:12-14, 20-22).

The Parable of the Two Sons (Mat 21:28-31);

The Parable of the Vinedressers (Mat 21:33-46; Mk 12:1-12; Lk 20:9-19);

The Parable of the Great Supper (Mat 22:1-14; Lk 14:16-24).

Jesus Tested By the Pharisees (Mat 22:15-22; Mk 12:13-17; Lk 20:20-26).

Jesus Tested By the Sadducees (Mat 22:23-33; Mk 12:18-27; Lk 20:27-40);

Jesus Tested By a Lawyer (Mat 22:34-40; Mk 12:28-34).

Jesus Warned Beware of the Scribes and the Pharisees (Mat 23; Mk 12:38-40; Lk 20:45-47).

Jesus Pointed Out A Certain Poor Widow (Mk 12:41-44; Lk 21:1-4).

Prophecy of Isaiah About the Blindness of the Jewish Leaders (Jn 12:37-50).

Jesus Foretells the Destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem (Mat 24; Mk 13; Lk 21:5-36).

Jesus Saw the City and Wept Over It, (Mat 23:37; Lk 19:41-44).

The Parables of the Ten Virgins and The Talents (Mat 25:1-30).

The Sheep and the Goats (Mat 25:31-46).

Jesus is Anointed with the Flask of Spikenard (Mat 26:6-13; Mk 14:3-9; Jn 12:1-8).

The Upper Room

The Last Passover with His Disciples (Mat 26:17-30; Mk 14:12-25; Lk 22:7-20).

Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet (Jn 13:1-17).

Jesus - The Hand of My Betrayer is With Me (Mat 26:23; Mk 14:18-21; Lk 22:21; Jn 13:18).

Jesus - What You Do . . Do Quickly (Mat 26:21-25; Mk 14:18-21; Lk 22:21-23; Jn 13:21-30).

Jesus Teaches About the Holy Spirit (Jn 14; 15; 16).

The Garden at Gethsemane

Jesus' Intercession (Jn 17).

Jesus' Prayer in Gethsemane (Mat 26:30, 36-46; Mk 14:26, 32-42; Lk 22:39-46; Jn 18:1).

Jesus is Betrayed and Taken (Mat 26:47-56; Mk 14:43-54, 66-72; Lk 22:47-53; Jn 18:2-12).

The House of Caiaphas

Jesus' Trial before the Sanhedrin (Mat 26:57, 58, 69-75; Mk 14:53, 54, 66-72; Lk 22:54-62; Jn 18:13-18, 25-27).

The Fortress of Antonia

Jesus Before Pilate. Delivered to Pilate (Mat 27:1, 2, 11-14; Mk 15:1-5; Lk 23:1-5; Jn 18:28-38).

Herod's Palace

Jesus Before Herod. Pilate Sent Him to Herod (Lk 23:6-12).

The Hasmonean Palace

Pilate's Judgment. Jesus is Tried Before Pilate (Mat 27:15-26; Mk 15:6-15; Lk 23:13-25; Jn 18:39-40; 19:1-16).

Jesus is Mocked by the Soldiers (Mat 27:27-31; Mk 15:16-20).


Jesus  is Led Him Away to be Crucified (Mat 27:31-34; Mk 15:20-23; Lk 23:26-32; Jn 19:16, 17).

Jesus is Crucified (Mat 27:35-56; Mk 15:24-41; Lk 23:33-49; Jn 19:18-30).

The Tomb

Joseph of Arimathea (Mat 27:57-66; Mk 15:42-47; Lk 23:50-56; Jn 19:31-42).

The Empty Tomb. He is Risen (Mat 28:2-15, Mk 16:1-11; Lk 24:1-12; Jn 20:1-18).

Jesus Appeared to Simon (Lk 24:34; 1 Cor 15:5).

The Road to Emmaus

Jesus Appears to Two Disciples on the Road to Emmaus (Mk 16:12, 13; Lk 24:13-35).

Map of the Ministry of Jesus (Clickable Map)

Isaiah 52:7 - How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!


Jesus came to his home, the Land of Israel, which was the land promised to the first Hebrew, Abraham. The Lord established a covenant with Abraham and promised that one day his "seed" (descendant) would be a blessing to all nations. This was exactly why Israel was referred to as "The Promised Land." Jesus, the promised seed of Abraham was the fulfillment of that promise, and everything beautiful about the land of Israel is because of Jesus. The geography is only secondary, yet it is truly amazing how much the Lord adored the land of Israel because in it He not only saw the beauty throughout, but He saw landmarks that revealed the promises that God had faithfully kept with His people.

An understanding of the geography of the ancient world is of tremendous value in understanding the life of Jesus. It is a true statement that a good Bible atlas is an essential tool for any serious student of the Bible, therefore this map program was created. You can follow the yellow numbers on the map in numerical order.

You can look at the Map to trace the route of Jesus' ministry. Our focus is Geography and the life of Christ.

Map of the Ministry of Jesus


About the Map


1 Jerusalem

2 Nazareth

3 Bethlehem

4 Jerusalem

5 Egypt

6 Nazareth

7 Jerusalem

8 The Jordan River

9 The Wilderness

10 Cana of Galilee

11 Jerusalem

12 Samaria

13 Galilee

14 Nazareth

15 The Sea of Galilee

16 All Galilee

17 Capernaum

18 Jerusalem

19 Nain

20 Capernaum

21 Sea of Galilee

22 Nazareth

23 Sea of Galilee

24 Tyre and Sidon

25 Bethsaida

26 Caesarea Philippi

27 Capernaum

28 Jerusalem

29 Bethany

30 Jerusalem

31 Beyond the Jordan

32 Bethany

33 Ephraim

34 Judea

35 Jericho

36 Bethany


Map of the Last Passover and Death of Jesus


Map of the Last Passover and Death of Jesus

1 The Golden Gate

2 The Temple

3 The Court of the Gentiles

4 The Last Supper

5 The Garden of Gethsemane

6 House of Caiaphas

7 Fortress of Antonia

8 Herod's Palace

9 Hasmonaean Palace

10 Golgotha







Map of the Ministry of Jesus

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