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Jebusites: (descendants of Jebus), The, were descended from the third son of Canaan. Ge 10:16; 1Ch 1:14 The actual people first appear in the invaluable report of the spies. Nu 13:29 When Jabin organized his rising against Joshua, the Jebusites joined him. Jos 11:3 "Jebus, which is Jerusalem," lost its king in the slaughter of Beth-horon, Jos 10:1,5,26 comp. Josh 12:10 was sacked and burned by the men of Judah, Jud 1:21 and its citadel finally scaled and occupied by David. 2Sa 5:6 After this they emerge from the darkness but once, in the person of Araunah the Jebusite, "Araunah the king," who appears before us in true kingly dignity in his well-known transaction with David. 2Sa 24:23; 1Ch 21:24,25




Map of the 7 Nations of Ancient Canaan


"Seven nations greater and mightier than you" Deuteronomy 7:1



The 7 Nations of Canaan

The Canaanites

The Amorites

The Hittites

The Jebusites

The Hivites

The Perizzites

The Girgashites


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