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Amorite, the Amorites: (dwellers on the summits, mountaineers), one of the chief nations who possessed the land of Canaan before its conquest by the Israelites. As dwelling on the elevated portions of the country, they are contrasted with the Canaanites, who were the dwellers in the lowlands; and the two thus formed the main broad divisions of the Holy Land, Nu 13:29 and see Gene 14:7; Deut 1:7,20 "mountain of the Amorites;" De 1:44; Jos 5:1; 10:6; 11:3 They first occupied the barren heights west of the Dead Sea, at the place called afterwards Engedi. From this point they stretched west to Hebron. At the date of the invasion of the country, Sihon, their then king, had taken the rich pasture land south of the Jabbok. This rich tract, bounded by the Jabbok on the north, the Arnon on the south, the Jordan on the west and "the wilderness" on the east, Jud 11:21,22 was, perhaps in the most special sense the "land of the Amorites," Nu 21:31; Jos 12:2,3; 13:10; Jud 11:21,22 but their possessions are distinctly stated to have extended to the very foot of Hermon, De 3:8; 4:48 embracing "Gilead and all Bashan," De 3:10 with the Jordan valley on the east of the river. De 4:49 After the conquest of Canaan nothing of importance is heard of the Amorites in the Bible.




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"Seven nations greater and mightier than you" Deuteronomy 7:1



The 7 Nations of Canaan

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The Amorites

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