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    Dr. K. C. Hanson's Photo Galleries Map of the Ancient Near East from Dr. K. C. Hanson's home page. © 1995 Fortress Press

    King Darius (Maps) Maps of Persian Empire. Deals with the Persian Empire battles locations. [People in History] [Tools and Searches]

    Map of Achaemid Empire Map shows the extent of the empire from Libya, Ethiopia, Thrace, and Macedonia in the West to India in the East. [images] [Ach√"mids - Medes] [Maps]

    Map of Ancient Near East Map of Ancient Near East - Eastern Mediterranean Area- Eastern Mediterranean Area. Yale University.

    Map of Asia Minor/Near East circa 150 BC Nicely done, in color. [Ancient Near East] [Coins]

    Map of Asia Persia/Central Asia Nicely done, topographic and in color. [Ancient Near East] [Coins]

    Map of the Hellespont Description: A map showing the Hellespont, and the surrounding territory during the Peloponnesian War. Place Names: Greece, Ilium, Cressa, Abydus, Pactye, Parium, Lampascus, Aenus, Samothrace ISO Topic Categories: intelligenceMilitary, inlandWaters, oceans, location Keywords: Map of the Hellespont, physical, political, historical, peloponnesian war, physical features, local jurisdictions, other military, intelligenceMilitary, inlandWaters, oceans, location, Unknown, 405 B.C. Source: George Willis Botsford, Ph. D., A History of Greece (London, : The Macmillan Company, 1912) 236 Map Credit: The Private Collection of Roy Winkelman.[Maps] [Ancient Near East]

    Umm al-Hafriyet Part of the Nippur program, a nearby site, occupied in the Uruk (ca. 3500 b.c.), Ur III to Old Babylonian (2200-1800 b.c.), Kassite (ca. 1250 b.c.), and Seleucid (ca. 300 b.c.) periods. Excavations from the Oriental Institute. [Archaeological Sites] [Iraq]

    Xerxes` march route Born about 465 BC, to Darius Hystaspis and Atossa, daughter of Cyrus the Great. He was king of Persia from 486-465 BC. He tried to continue his father`s plans to conquer Greece from 483-480 BC, after which he returned to Persia. [Maps] [Ancient Near East]