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    Ancient Mesopotamia Timeline and Links information on Mesopotamia, Sumer, and Hammurabi [People in History] [Searches and Tools]

    Ancient Near East (Babylonia) Glossary and Texts This page lists most of the important Ancient Near Eastern characters, a short glossary and links to online Sumerian or Akkadian Texts.

    Ancient Near East Internet Resource Chronology of rise of civilizations in Ancient Near East the real-life game of age of Empires. A brief timeline of events and achievements of ancient Near East.

    Ancient Near Eastern Cross-Cultural Time Line Egypt, Nubia, Mesopotamia, and Persia comparing dates.

    Ancient Near Eastern Timeline Time Line Of The Ancient Near East Prior to the rise of the Persian Empire

    Art Timeline Timeline of Art Printable version in vertical format ... Golden Age Alexander the Great,Rome dominates Near East, Peak of Roman Empire, Rome falls, Charlemagne,etc...

    Babylonian calendar The ancient Babylonians used a calendar with alternating 29- and 30-day months. This system required the addition of an extra month three times every eight years, and as a further adjustment the king would periodically order the insertion of an additional extra month into the calendar.

    Chronology: The Near East Historical Timeline of Near East. That dates from 4500 BC to 1286 BC with the Hitties fight off invading Egyptians. Images are included

    Historical Timeline 600 BC - 1400 AD Nicely done, in color. [Ancient Near East] [Coins]

    King Darius War Timeline 521 - 480 BC Persian Empire wars timeline [People in History] [Tools and Searches]

    Mesopotamian Timeline This site provides a timeline of the ancient Near East, color-coded for the various civilizations. There is an historical and cultural overview provided for each civilization.

    Mesopotamian Timeline [People in History]

    Other calendars used in the ancient Near East Of the calendars of other peoples of the ancient Near East, very little is known. Thus, though the names of all or of some months are known, their order is not. The months were probably everywhere lunar, but evidence for intercalation is often lacking; the Assyrians, the Hittites and Iran.

    Rewriting The Timeline Of The Bronze And Iron Ages Ruprecht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg (Germany) have given a new kind of precision to the timeline of the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Aegean and the Near East.

    Sumerian Timeline This site provides an historical overview of ancient Sumeria. The text is supplemented by definitions, maps, a timeline, and examples of art and architecture. The History of Ancient Sumeria (Sumer) including its cities, kings, religions culture and contributions or civilization

    The Media History Project Timeline King Asoka's edicts. 250: In Near East city of Pergamum, parchment is ... the Project Sources for the timeline and accompanying information.

    Timelines and Chronologies This collection of links for timelines and chronologies includes country histories, significant events, and chronologies of historical individuals. Interested in other historical facts?