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People - Ancient Greece: Timocreon
Ancient Greek lyric poet, who flourished about 480 BC.

Timocreon in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) (Τιμοκρέων). A lyric poet of Rhodes, celebrated for the bitter and pugnacious spirit of his works, and especially for his attacks on Themistocles and Simonides (Athen. pp. 415, 416; Plut. Them. 21).

Timocreon in Wikipedia Timocreon, of Ialysus in Rhodes, was a Greek lyric poet who flourished about 480 BC. During the Persian wars he had been banished on suspicion of "medism". Themistocles had promised to procure his recall, but was unable to resist the bribes of Timocreon's adversaries and allowed him to remain in exile. Timocreon thereupon attacked him most bitterly (see Plutarch, Themistocles, 21); and Simonides, the friend of Themistocles, retorted in an epigram (Anth. Pal. vii. 348). Timocreon was also known as a composer of scolia (drinking-songs) and, according to Suidas, wrote plays in the style of the old comedy. His gluttony and drunkenness were notorious, and he was an athlete of great prowess. His epitaph was written by the poet Simonides. Translated from the Greek, it is, "After much eating, drinking, lying and slandering, TIMOCREON of Rhodes here rests from wandering."

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