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    Timagĕnes in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) A rhetorician and an historian, who was a native of Alexandria, from which place he was carried as a prisoner to Rome, where he opened a school of rhetoric, and taught with great success. ( Suid. s. h. v.)

    Timagenes in Wikipedia Timagenes (Ancient Greek: Τιμαγένης) was a Greek writer, historian and teacher of rhetoric. He came from Alexandria, was captured by Romans in 55 BC and taken to Rome, where he was purchased by Faustus, son of Sulla. It is said that Timagenes had a falling out with emperor Augustus, whereupon he destroyed his writings and fled Rome. He also asked Cleopatra to deliver Mark Antony to the Octavianus, or have him put to death. During his life Timagenes wrote a 'History of Alexander' and a 'History of the Gauls'. These works did not survive but are known through quotations in other historians. For example the 'History of the Gauls' is quoted in the works of Ammianus Marcellinus. In Albanum, after dinner, he attempted to vomit, during which he choked and died; thus says the Suda.