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People - Ancient Greece: Theodotus of Byzantium
An early Christian writer from Byzantium, who flourished late 2nd century.

Theodōrus Of Byzantium, a rhetorician, and a contemporary of Plato.

Theodotus of Byzantium in Wikipedia Theodotus of Byzantium (also known as Theodotus the Tanner and Theodotus the Shoemaker; flourished late 2nd century) was an early Christian writer from Byzantium, one of several named Theodotus whose writings were condemned as heresy in the early church. Theodotus claimed that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit as a mortal man, and though later adopted by God upon baptism, was not himself God until after his resurrection. This doctrine, sometimes called "Dynamic Monarchianism" or "Adoptionism", was declared heretical by Pope Victor I, and Theodotus was excommunicated.

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