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    Stesimbrŏtus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) (Στησίμβροτος), of Thasos, a rhapsodist and historian in the time of Cimon and Pericles, who is mentioned with praise by Plato and Xenophon (Plato, Ion, p. 550; Xen. Mem. iv. 2, 10). He wrote a work on Homer, the character of which is not known. See Heuer, De Stesimbroto Thasio (1863).

    Stesimbrotos of Thasos in Wikipedia Stesimbrotos of Thasos (Ancient Greek: Στησίμβροτος, c. 470 BC c. 420 BC), doubtless raised at Thasos, was a sophist, a rhapsode and logographer, a writer on history, and an opponent of Pericles and reputed author of a political pamphlet On Themistocles, Thucydides, and Pericles. Plutarch used writings by Stesimbrotos in his Life of Pericles, asserting that the coolness between Pericles and his son Xanthippos was due to Pericles seducing his daughter-in-law. Walter Burkert has suggested Stesimbrotos as the author of the Derveni papyrus (Burkert 1987:44, 58 n.6).