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People - Ancient Greece: Simonides of Amorgos
Ancient Greek iambic poet of the early period of Greek literature.

Semonides of Amorgos in Wikipedia Semonides (Greek: Σιμωνίδης Ἀμοργῖνος) of Amorgos, was the second, both in time and in reputation, of the three principal iambic poets of the early period of Greek literature, namely, Archilochus, Semonides, and Hipponax. The chief information which we have respecting him is contained in two articles of the Suda from which we learn that his father's name was Crines, and that he was originally a native of Samos. Although the Suda makes him a contemporary of Archilochus, modern scholars generally consider his floruit to be somewhat later.[1] The statement of the Suda that he flourished 490 years after the Trojan War, would place him in the seventh century BC. He is best known today for fr. 7, often titled "On Women." [2]

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