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    Simmias in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) 1. Of Thebes, first the disciple of the Pythagorean philosopher PhilolaŁs, and afterwards the friend and disciple of Socrates, at whose death he was present. Simmias wrote twenty-three dialogues on philosophical subjects, all of which are lost. 2. Of Rhodes. A poet and grammarian of the Alexandrian School, who flourished about B.C. 300. The Greek Anthology contains six epigrams ascribed to Simmias, besides three short poems of that fantastic species called griphi or carmina figurata-that is, pieces in which the lines are so arranged as to make the whole poem resemble the form of some object; those of Simmias are entitled, from their forms, the Wings (πτέρυγες), the Egg (ὠόν), and the Hatchet (πέλεκυς).

    Simmias in Wikipedia Simmias (Greek: Σιμμίας) may refer to: * Simmias of Thebes follower of Socrates * Simmias of Macedon general of Alexander the Great * Simmias of Rhodes poet and grammarian (late 4th c.BC) * Simmias of Syracuse student of philosophy * Simmias Ptolemaic explorer of Red Sea. (3rd c.BC)