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People - Ancient Greece: Satyrus
Ancient Greek peripatetic philosopher and historian.

Satyrus in Wikipedia Satyrus may refer to: * Satyrus (ape), a legendary creature * Satyrus (genus), a genus of butterflies * Simia satyrus, the original scientific classification of the orangutan * Satyrus, one of three Short Kent aircraft that were built People * Saint Satyrus of Milan, a 4th-century AD saint * Saint Satyrus of Arezzo, a 4th-century AD saint * Satyrus the Peripatetic, a 3rd-century BC Greek philosopher and historian * Satyros, a 4th-century BC architect who co-designed the Mausoleum of Mausallos * Satyrus, a 4th-century BC actor who conversed with Demosthenes * Satyrus, a 4th-century BC ruler of Heracleaa, brother of Clearchus and uncle of Timotheus * Satyrus of Bosporus, a ruler of Cimmerian Bosporus from 431-387 BC * Satyrus, a 5th-century BC Greek political figure, instrumental in the downfall of Cleophon

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