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    Paeonius in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) A Greek sculptor of Mendé in Thrace. About B.C. 436 he was employed in the decoration of the temple of Zeus in Olympia. According to Pausanias (v. 10 6), he was the sculptor of the marble groups in the front, or eastern, pediment of the temple, representing the preparations for the chariot-race between Pelops and Oenomaüs. (See Olympia.) Important portions of these have been brought to light by German excavators. He was also the sculptor of the figure of Niké, more than life-size, dedicated by the Messenians (Pausan. v. 26 1), which has been restored to us by the same means. With the exception of the head, it is in fairly good preservation.

    Paeonius in Wikipedia Paeonius (or Paionios) of Mende in Macedonia was a Greek sculptor of the late 5th century BC. The only work that can be definitely attributed to him is the statue of Nike (circa 420 BC) discovered at Olympia. According to the inscription on the base, it was dedicated by the people of Messenia and Naupactus after a victory in an unnamed conflict, possibly the battle of Sphacteria. Paeonius also won the commission to decorate the acroteria of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia (about 430 - 420 BC), Pausanias was probably wrong in claiming that he worked on the sculptures for the pediments of the temple. The Nike of Paeonius featured as part of the design of the medals of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and is now exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Olympia.