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    Nicarchus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) (Νίκαρχος). A writer to whom are ascribed thirty-eight epigrams in the Greek Anthology. Of his personality nothing is known.

    Nicarchus in Wikipedia Nicarchus or Nicarch was a Greek poet and writer of the first century AD, best known for his epigrams, of which forty-two survive under his name in the Greek Anthology, and his satirical poetry. He was a contemporary of, and influence on, the better-known Latin writer Martial. A large proportion of his epigrams are directed against doctors. Some of his writings have been found at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt. A fragment of Nicarchus: The Raven The gloom of death is on the ravenís wing, The song of death is in the ravenís cries: But when Demophilus begins to sing, The raven dies. Nicarchus is also the name of a character in a play of Aristophanes, The Acharnanians. Nicarchus was also the name of a Paeonian king.