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    Mnaseas in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) Μνασέας). A native of Patara in Lycia, who studied under Eratosthenes of Alexandria, and became noted as a grammarian. He wrote two works-one a Periplus and one on the oracles given at Delphi (Athen. pp. 158, 296, 530).

    Mnaseas in Wikipedia Mnaseas of Patrae (Ancient Greek: Μνασέας ὁ Πατρεύς) was a Greek historian of the late 3rd century BCE, who is reckoned to have been a pupil or Eratosthenes. His Periegesis or Periplus described Europe, Western Asia and North Africa, but whether in six or eight books cannot now be determined. His On Oracles appears to have consisted of a catalogue of oracular responses with commentary. Only fragments of his work survive, embedded as scholia or as quotations in other works, often selected, apparently, because of the unusual interpretations they offer.