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People - Ancient Greece: Melesagoras of Chalcedon
Ancient Greek historian from Chalcedon.

Amelesagoras in Wikipedia Amelesagoras (Ancient Greek: Ἀμελησαγόρας) (or Melesagoras, Μελησαγόρας, as he is called by others) of Chalcedon, was an early Greek historian.[1] The histories of Gorgias and Eudemus of Naxos both borrowed from him.[2][3][4] Maximus Tyrius speaks of a Melesagoras, a native of Eleusis,[5] and Antigonus of Carystus of an Amelesagoras of Athens,[6] the latter of whom wrote an account of Attica; these persons are probably the same, and perhaps also the same as Amelesagoras of Chalcedon.[7]

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