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People - Ancient Greece: Marinus
Ancient Greek mathematical geographer.

Marīnus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities 1. A Tyrian geographer, who lived about the middle of the second century A.D. He was the first mathematical geographer, and was largely followed by Ptolemy. (See Ptolemaeus.) 2. A philosopher and rhetorician of Flavia Neapolis in Palestine. He succeeded Proclus (q.v.), and wrote his life, which is still extant. Edited by Boissonade (Leipzig, 1814).

Marinus in Wikipedia Marinus may refer to: * Marinus (crater), a crater on the Moon * Marinus (given name), for people named Marinus * Marinus of Tyre (c. 70-130), Greek geographer, cartographer and mathematician * Marinus of Caesarea (d. 262), Roman soldier, christian martyr and saint * Saint Marinus (d. 366), founder of San Marino, feast day September 3 * Marinus of Neapolis, 5th century Neo-Platonist philosopher * Marinus (general), 6th century general under Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I * Pope Marinus I (d. 884), or Martin II, Pope from 882-884 * Pope Marinus II (d. 946), or Martin III, Pope from 942-946

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