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People - Ancient Greece: Eutychides
Ancient Greek sculptor who belong to the latter part of the 4th century BC.

Eutychĭdes in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (Εὐτυχίδης). A sculptor of Sicyon, a pupil of Lysippus. He flourished in B.C. 300.

Eutychides in Wikipedia Eutychides (Greek: Εὐτυχίδης) of Sicyon in Corinthia, Greek sculptor of the latter part of the 4th century BC, was a pupil of Lysippus. His most noted work was a statue of Tyche, which he made for the city of Antioch, then newly founded. The goddess, who embodied the idea of the city, was seated on a rock, crowned with towers, and having the river Orontes at her feet. There is a small copy of the statue in the Vatican. It was imitated by a number of Asiatic cities; and indeed most statues of cities since erected borrow something from the work of Eutychides.

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