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People - Ancient Greece: Eurylochus
A character in Homer's Odyssey, who was second-in- command of Odysseus' ship.

Eurylŏchus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (Εὐρύλοχος). A companion of Odysseus, and the only one that escaped from the house of CircÚ when his friends were metamorphosed into swine (Homer Od. x. 203Homer Od., xi. 23, etc.).

Eurylochus in Wikipedia Eurylochus may refer to: * In Greek mythology, Eurylochus appears in Homer's Odyssey as a bold, mutinous second-in-command of Odysseus' ship during the return to Ithaca * Eurylochus, one of the sons of Aegyptus and Caliadne. He married (and was murdered by) Autonoe, daughter of Danaus and Polyxo * Eurylochus from Zacynthos, one of the suitors of Penelope. Killed by Odysseus * Eurylochus, a student of Pyrrho along with Hecataeus of Abdera and others. (the 'Pyrrhoneans')

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