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People - Ancient Greece: Eugammon
He was an Ancient Greek poet.

Eugammon of Cyrene in Wikipedia Eugammon of Cyrene was an early Greek poet to whom the epic Telegony was ascribed. According to Clement of Alexandria, he stole the poem from the legendary early poet Musaeus; meaning, possibly, that a version of a long-existing traditional epic was written down by Eugammon. He is said to have flourished 567/6 BC.[1][2]

Eugamon in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (Εὐγάμων) or Eugammon. One of the Cyclic poets, a native of Cyrené, who flourished about B.C. 568. He wrote a continuation of the Odyssey, in two books, with the title Telegonia (Τηλεγονία), and giving an account of the events from the fight with the suitors to the death of Odysseus. The substance of the poem is preserved in the Chrestomathia of Proclus. See Cyclic Poets.

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