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    Eudamidas I in Wikipedia Eudamidas I (Greek: Εὐδαμίδας, 330 – c. 300) was a Spartan king of the Eurypontid line [1]. He married the wealthy Archidamia, and she had two children, Archidamus IV and Agesistrata. There is evidence that Eudamidas I owned the half of his wife wealth in land [2][3]. During his reign Sparta made peace [4]. Pausanias devotes more space to Agis II (427 - 400) and Agesilaus II (400 - 360) than to other Kings, such as Agis III (338 - 330) and Eudamidas I, whose lives he passed by briefly, as the Eurypontid line ‘fades’ [5].