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People - Ancient Greece: Dionysius of Byzantium
Ancient Greek geographer of the 2nd century CE.

Dionysius of Byzantium in Wikipedia Dionysius of Byzantium (Greek ∆ιονύσιος Βυζάντιος, Latin Dionysius Byzantinus) was a Greek geographer of the 2nd century CE. He is known for his Ανάπλους Βοσπόρου Voyage through the Bosporus or De Bospori navigatione, which describes the coastline of the Bosporus and the city of Byzantium (later Constantinople and now İstanbul), described by C. Foss as "one of the most remarkable and detailed of ancient geographic texts". (in Talbert, p. 785) The work survives with a large lacuna, which is only known from a 16th-century Latin paraphrase by Peter Gyllius.

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