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    Diogeniānus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (Διογενειανός). A Greek grammarian of Heraclea. About the middle of the second century A.D. he made extracts, in five books, from the great collection of glosses compiled about a century before by Pamphilus. These extracts form the foundation of the lexicon of Hesychius (q.v.). A collection of proverbs made by him is preserved in an abridged form. See Lexicon.

    Diogenianus in Wikipedia Diogenianus was a Greek grammarian from Heraclea in Pontus (or in Caria) who flourished during the reign of Hadrian. He was the author of an alphabetical lexicon, chiefly of poetical words, abridged from the great lexicon of Pamphilus of Alexandria (AD 50) and other similar works. It was also known by the title IIeptepyO7r~v17Tes (for the use of "industrious poor students"). It formed the basis of the lexicon, or rather glossary, of Hesychius of Alexandria, which is described in the preface as a new edition of the work of Diogenianus. We still possess a collection of proverbs under his name, probably an abridgment of the collection made by himself from his lexicon (ed. by Ernst von Leutsch and Friedrich Wilhelm Schneidewin in Paroemiographi Graeci, 1. 1839). Diogenianus was also the author of an Anthology of epigrams, of treatises on rivers, lakes, fountains and promontories; and of a list (with map) of all the towns in the world.