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People - Ancient Greece: Diogenes of Tarsus
Ancient Greek Epicurean philosopher and author.

Diogenes of Tarsus in Wikipedia Diogenes of Tarsus (2nd century BCE[1]) was an Epicurean philosopher, who is described by Strabo[2] as a person clever in composing improvised tragedies. He was the author of several works, which, however, are lost. Among them are: * Select lectures (Greek: Ἐπίλεκτοι σχολαί), which was probably a collection of essays and dissertations.[3] * Epitome of Epicurusí ethical doctrines (Greek: ἐπιτομὴ τῶν Ἐρικούρου ἠθικῶν ζητημάτων), of which Diogenes Laertius[4] quotes the 12th book. * On poetical problems (Greek: Περὶ ποιητικῶν ζητμάτων), poetical problems which he endeavoured to solve, and which seem to have had special reference to the Homeric poems.[5]

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