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People - Ancient Greece: Dercyllidas
Ancient Spartan commander who took command of the army against Persia in 399 BC.

Dercylidas in Wikipedia Dercylidas (Δερκυλἰδας) was a Spartan commander during the 4th century BC. For his cunning and inventiveness, he was nicknamed Sisyphus. In 411 he was harmost at Abydos. From 399 to 397 BC, Dercylidas superseded Thibron and led the Spartans through Thrace to the west coast of Asia, where he plundered Bithynia and Eolia. After allying himself with Tissaphernes and Meidias, Dercylidas attacked Pharnabazus. In 394, King Agesilaus sent Dercylidas from Amphipolis to the Hellespont. In 396 Dercylidas was himself succeeded by King Agesilaus.

Dercyllĭdas in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (Δερκυλλίδας). A Spartan who in B.C. 399 took command of the army levied for the defence of the Asiatic Greeks against Persia. He compelled Tissaphernes and Pharnabazus to sue for peace, but in 396 resigned the command to AgesilaŘs (q.v.).

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