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    Cleinias in Wikipedia Cleinias, son of (the elder) Alcibiades,[1], and member of the Alcmaeonidae family, was an Athenian who married Deinomache, the daughter of Megacles, and became the father of the famous Alcibiades. Plutarch tells us that he traced his family line back to Eurysaces, the son of Telamonian Ajax. He greatly distinguished himself in the Battle of Artemisium in 480 BC. Cleinias died at the Battle of Coronea in 447 BC. He is also credited with the Cleinias Decree, which involved the tightening up of the process of tribute collection in the Athenian Empire. Attributing this inscription to this particular Cleinias, the father of Alcibiades, places the decree in the early 440s, usually given as 447, as Cleinias died at the Battle of Coronea in 447.

    Clinias in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities An Athenian, said by Herodotus (viii. 17) to have been the bravest of his countrymen in the battle fought against the Persian fleet at Artemisium; and the Athenians are said by the same writer to have conducted themselves on that occasion with the greatest valour of any of the Greeks. This Clinias was the father of the celebrated Alcibiades (q.v.). He married Dinomaché, the daughter of Megacles, grandson to Agaristé, the daughter of Clisthenes, tyrant of Sicyon. He fell at the battle of Coronea.