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People - Ancient Greece: Cineas
He was an ancient Thessalian minister.

Cineas in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) (Κινέας). A Thessalian, a minister and friend of Pyrrhus, and employed by the latter on many embassies. He had been a pupil of Demosthenes, and possessed considerable talent as an orator. Having been sent by Pyrrhus to Rome with proposals of peace, he compared the Senate, on his return, to an assembly of kings, and a war with the Romans to a contest with another Lernaean hydra. He died about B.C. 276. See Pyrrhus.

Cineas in Wikipedia In Roman history, Cineas was a minister of Thessaly and friend of King Pyrrhus of Epirus. In the war with Rome, Pyrrhus sent Cineas to Rome to sue for peace. The Roman Senate would not agree to cease hostilities. Cineas, however, told Pyrrhus that the Senate was an assemblage of venerable kings and that fighting with them was like fighting against the Hydra. Cineas was also a man of great memory. One day after arriving in Rome, he could greet each senator and guard by name.

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