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People - Ancient Greece: Bryson
Ancient Greece

Bryson in Wikipedia People with the name Bryson include: * Bryson of Heraclea (c. 450 - c. 390 BC), ancient Greek mathematician and sophist * Bryson of Achaea (c. 330 BC) , ancient Greek philosopher from the Megarian school of philosophy People with the surname Bryson include: * Bill Bryson, author * Bill Bryson, Sr., sports journalist * Ian Bryson, soccer player * Jim Bryson (politician) * Jim Bryson, singer/songwriter * John Bryson, corporate executive * John Bryson (mayor) * Oliver Bryson, George Cross recipient * P. Miles Bryson, musician * Peabo Bryson, singer * Reid Bryson, Professor of Meteorology * Rudi Bryson, cricketer Bryson Tulley, The guy who invented Pie...Mmmm...Pie

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