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    Aristŏphon in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (Ἀριστόφων). The name of two Attic orators, both contemporaries of Demosthenes. The first (of the deme Azenia) defended the law of Leptines against Demosthenes in B.C. 354. No oration of either Aristophon is extant.

    Aristophon in Wikipedia Aristophon, the son and pupil of the elder Aglaophon, and brother of Polygnotus, was a native of Thasos. Pliny, who places him among the painters of the second rank, mentions two works by him- - 'Ancaeus wounded by the boar and mourned over by his mother Astypalaea;' and a picture containing figures of Priam, Helen, Ulysses, Deiphobus, Dolon, and Credulitas.