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People - Ancient Greece: Aristonymus
Ancient Greek from Athens who reformed the constitution of the Arcadians.

Aristonous of Pella in Wikipedia Aristonous of Pella, son of Peisaeus, was one of the somatophylakes bodyguards of Alexander the Great, distinguished himself greatly on one occasion in India. On the death of Alexander, he was one of the first to propose that the supreme power should be entrusted to Perdiccas. He was subsequently the general of Olympias in the war with Cassander; and when she was taken prisoner in 316 BC, he was put to death by order of Cassander. Aristonus is described as both Pellaean (A 6.28.4) and of Eordaean origin (AInd 18.5), which must mean that he was from Eordaea but raised at the court in Pella. According to Plutarch, a certain Aristophanes (somatophylax), took away Alexander's sword when he was quarreling with Cleitus the Black, but it seems to be confused with Aristonous.

Aristonymus in Wikipedia Aristonymus of Athens was sent by Plato to reform the constitution of the Arcadians. Aristonymus was the father of Clitophon.

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