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People - Ancient Greece: Archedemus of Tarsus
Ancient Greek Stoic philosopher who flourished during c. 140 BC.

Archedemus of Tarsus in Wikipedia Archedemus (Greek: Άρχέδημος) of Tarsus,[1] a Stoic philosopher who flourished c. 140 BC. Two of his works: On the Voice (Greek: Περὶ Φωνῆς) and On Elements (Greek: Περὶ Στοιχείων), are mentioned by Diogenes Laertius.[2] He is probably the same person as the Archedemus, whom Plutarch calls an Athenian, and who, he states, went into Parthia and founded a school of Stoic philosophers at Babylon.[3] Archedemus is also mentioned by Cicero,[4] Seneca,[5] and other ancient writers.

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