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    Apollodōrus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities A Greek poet of the New Comedy, born at Carystus, between B.C. 300 and 260. He wrote forty-seven plays, and won five victories. From him Terence borrowed the plots of his Phormio and Hecyra.

    Apollodorus of Carystus in Wikipedia Apollodorus of Carystus in Euboea was one of the most important writers of the Attic New Comedy, who flourished in Athens between 300 and 260 B.C. He is to be distinguished from the older Apollodorus of Gela (342-290), also a writer of comedy, a contemporary of Menander. He wrote 47 comedies and obtained the prize five times. Terence borrowed his Hecyra and Phormio from the Εκυρά and Επιδικαζόμενος of Apollodorus.