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People - Ancient Greece: Antigenes
Ancient Greek general.

Antigĕnes in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities Antigĕnes (Ἀντιγένης). A general of Alexander the Great, on whose death he received the satrapy of Susiana and supported Eumenes. On the defeat of the latter, Antigenes was seized and burned alive by his enemy Antigonus, B.C. 316 (Plut. Alex. 70).

Antigenes (general) in Wikipedia Antigenes (in Greek: Aντιγένης; died 316 BC) was a general of Alexander the Great, who also served under Philip II of Macedon, and lost an eye at the siege of Perinthus (340 BC). After the death of Alexander (323 BC) he obtained the satrapy of Susiana. He was one of the commanders of the Argyraspides and espoused with his troops the side of Eumenes. On the defeat of the latter in 316 BC, Antigenes fell into the hands of his enemy Antigonus, and was burnt alive by him:[1] "Now that Antigonus had unexpectedly mastered Eumenes and all the army that had been opposing him, he seized Antigenes, the commander of the Silver Shields, put him into a pit, and burned him alive." Diodorus Siculus, XIX-44

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