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People - Ancient Greece: Amphis
Ancient Greek comic poet.

Amphis in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities Amphis (Ἄμφις). A Greek comic poet of Athens, contemporary with Plato. His works are lost (Ath. 1.8 foll., Mein.).

Amphis in Wikipedia Amphis was an Athenian Comic poet of uncertain origin from approximately the 4th century BC. Pollux [1] seems to refer to Amphis as a Middle Comic poet, and Amphis' own repeated references to the philosopher Plato[2] place him in the early to mid-4th century BCE. His name is not Athenian, and he was probably from the island of Andros (thus Kirchner). 49 fragments of his comedies survive, along with 26 titles. The standard edition of the fragments and testimonia is in Kassel-Austin, Poetae Comici Graeci II; Kock numbers are now outdated and should not be used. Surviving works * Athamas * Acco * The Female Oiler * Alcmaeon * The Vine-Dresser * Amphicrates * The Bath-House * Women in Power * Crazy About Women * The Ring * Dexidemides * The Dithyramb * Seven Against Thebes * Day-Labourers * The Oaf * The Plasterer * The Female Barber * Dice-Players * The Girl From Leucas * Odysseus * Ouranos * Pan * The Vagabond Acrobat * Sappho * Men Who Loved Their Brothers * The Man Who Loved His Comrades.

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