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    Tullus Hostilius in Roman Biography Tul'lus Hos-til'i-us, third King of Rome, succeeded Numa Pompilius in 673 B.C. He carried on a war against the Albans, in which occurred the celebrated combat between the Horatii and Curiatii, and which ended in the conquest of Alba. He was a very warlike king. According to tradition, he was killed by lightning about 640 B.C. See Gkbauhr, "Tullus Hostilius," 1720 ; Schoemann, " Di»- ftertatio critica de Tullo Hostilio," 1847.

    Tullus Hostilius in Wikipedia Tullus Hostilius (r. 673 BC – 642 BC) was the third of the Kings of Rome. He succeeded Numa Pompilius, and was succeeded by Ancus Marcius. Unlike his predecessor, Tullus was known as a warlike king. Tullus Hostilius was the grandson of Hostus Hostilius who had fought with Romulus and died during the Sabine invasion of Rome [1]. The principal feature of Tullus' reign was his defeat of Alba Longa. After beating Alba Longa in war (by the victory of three Roman champions over three Albans) Alba Longa became Rome's vassal state. However, after the Alban dictator subsequently betrayed Rome, Tullus ordered Alba Longa to be destroyed, and forced the migration of the Alban citizenry to Rome where they were integrated and became Roman citizens [2]. Tullus also fought successful wars against Fidenae and Veii and against the Sabines [3]. According to Livy, Tullus paid little heed to religious observances during his reign, thinking them unworthy of a king's attention. However, at the close of his reign, Rome was affected by a series of prodigies including a shower of stones on the Alban Mount (in response to which a public religious festival of nine days was held - a novendialis), a loud voice was heard on the summit of the mount complaining about the Albans failed devotion to their former gods, and a pestilence struck in Rome. King Tullus became ill, and was filled with superstition. He reviewed the commentaries of Numa Pompilius and attempted to carry out sacrifices recommended by Numa to Jupiter Elicius. However Tullus did not undertake the ceremony correctly, and both he and his house were struck by lightning and reduced to ashes as a result of the anger of Jupiter...