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People - Ancient Egypt: Amenemnisu
THIRD INTERMEDIATE PERIOD 21st Dynasty (1040) Northern King. The capital moves from Tanis to Libyan, to Nubia, to Thebes, to SAIS, and then back to Nubia and Thebes.

Amenemnisu in Tour Egypt AMENEMNISU (NEPHERCHERES)(NEFERKAREHIKWAST) 1040 B.C. 21ST DYNASTY Amenemnisu was the second ruler of the Twenty-first Dynasty. He is though to have ruled for 4 years possibly as the co-regent with Psusennes I.

Amenemnisu in Wikipedia Neferkare Amenemnisu' was a pharaoh of the 21st Dynasty of ancient Egypt. Amenemnisu's existence was only confirmed in 1940 when the tomb of his successor Psusennes I was discovered by Pierre Montet. Previously, his existence had been doubted as no objects naming him had been discovered. However, the memory of his short rule as the second pharaoh of the 21st Dynasty was preserved in Manetho's Epitome as a king Nephercheres who is assigned a short reign of 4 years. Amenemnisu's name means "Amun is King" in Egyptian.[1] While his reign is generally obscure, the serving High Priest of Amun at Thebes, Menkheperre, is known to have pardoned several leaders of a rebellion against this Priests authority during Amenemnisu's reign.[2] These rebels had previously been exiled to the Western Oasis of Egypt in Year 25 of Smendes. A gold bow cap inscribed with both Amenemnisu's royal name, Neferkare, and that of his successor Psusennes I was discovered in the tomb of Psusennes I.[3]

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