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People - Ancient Egypt: Djehuti
SECOND INTERMEDIATE PERIOD 17th Dynasty. The Hyksos invade and conquer. Eventually the Theban princes regain power. Kamose defeats the Hyksos.

Djehuti in Wikipedia Djehuti, Djehuty or Thuty was a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt belonging to the Theban 16th or 17th dynasties based in Upper Egypt during the Second Intermediate period. He reigned for 3 years after around 1650 BC according to Kim Ryholt. His wife Mentuhotep's burial was found intact and a (now lost) coffin was identified as hers. It contained one of the earliest monuments of the Second Intermediate Period which was inscribed with texts from the Book of the Dead. Djehuti's prenomen, Sekhemre Sementawy, means "The Power of Re who Establishes the Two Lands."[1] It is thought that he was succeeded by Sobekhotep VIII.

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