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November 19    Scripture

People - Ancient Egypt: Bebankh
SECOND INTERMEDIATE PERIOD 16th Dynasty. The Hyksos invade and conquer. Eventually the Theban princes regain power. Kamose defeats the Hyksos.

Bebiankh in Wikipedia Seuserenre Bebiankh was a native Ancient Egyptian king of the 16th Theban dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period and the successor of king Semenre. He is assigned a reign of 12 years in the Turin Canon.[1] Seuserenre is principally known by a stela found at Gebel Zeit that attests to mining activity conducted in this area by the Red Sea during his reign and preserves his royal nomen Bebiankh.[2] He is also known to have an extension to the Temple of Medamud.[3] He was succeeded by a poorly known king named Sekhemre Shedwast. The German Egyptologist Jürgen von Beckerath has attributed an anonymous Year 11 Sothic inscription from Gebel Tjauti Rock inscription No.11—which has been dated to the period around 1593-1590 BC deep within the Second Intermediate Period—to king Seuserenre.[4][5] If correct, this would place Seuserenre's reign in the period from 1603 or 1600 BC to 1591 or 1588 BC. His prenomen, Seuserenre, means "The One Whom Re Causes to be Strong."[6]

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