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People - Ancient Egypt: Sobekhotep IV
SECOND INTERMEDIATE PERIOD 13th Dynasty (1685-1678) The Hyksos invade and conquer. Eventually the Theban princes regain power. Kamose defeats the Hyksos.

Sobekhotep IV in Wikipedia Khaneferre Sobekhotep IV was one of the most powerful Egyptian kings of the 13th Dynasty. He was the son of the 'god's father' Haankhef and of the 'king's mother' Kemi. His brother, Neferhotep I, was his predecessor on the throne. He states on a stela found in the Amun temple at Karnak that he was born in Thebes. Some sources indicate that under his reign, a military campaign against Nubia occurred (the Jewish writer Artapanus mentions a king Chenephres (=Khaneferre?) under whom the Moses story took place and who invaded Nubia). The king is believed to have reigned for around 10 years. He is known by a relatively high number of monuments, including stelae, statues, many seals and other minor objects. There are attestations for building works at Abydos and Karnak. Sobekhotep IV's wife was the 'king's wife' Tjan. Several children are known. The royal court is also well known. Vizier was Neferkare Iymeru. Treasurer was Senebi and high steward a certain Nebankh.

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