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    Zoheth in Easton's Bible Dictionary snatching (?), one of the sons of Ishi (1 Chr. 4:20).

    Zoheth in Fausset's Bible Dictionary Son of Ishi of Judah (1 Chronicles 4:20).

    Zoheth in Hitchcock's Bible Names separation; amazing

    Zoheth in Naves Topical Bible -Son of Ishi 1Ch 4:20

    Zoheth in Smiths Bible Dictionary son of Ishi of the tribe of Judah. 1Ch 4:20

    Zoheth in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE zo'-heth (zocheth, meaning unknown): A Judahite (1 Ch 4:20). The name after "Ben-zoheth" at the end of the verse has fallen out. See BEN-ZOHETH.

    Zoheth in Wikipedia According to the Bible, Zoheth was a son of Ishi. He is mentioned in the Book of Chronicles.

    Zoheth Scripture - 1 Chronicles 4:20 And the sons of Shimon [were], Amnon, and Rinnah, Benhanan, and Tilon. And the sons of Ishi [were], Zoheth, and Benzoheth.