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Bible Names N-Z: Zidkijah

Zidkijah in Easton's Bible Dictionary the Lord is righteous, one who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah (Neh. 10:1).

Zidkijah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary That is, ZEDEKIAH, a priest who signed the covenant (Nehemiah 10:1).

Zidkijah in Hitchcock's Bible Names justice of the Lord

Zidkijah in Naves Topical Bible -A chief prince of the exiles who returned to Jerusalem Ne 10:1

Zidkijah in Smiths Bible Dictionary (justice of Jehovah) a priest or family of priests who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. Ne 10:1 (B.C. 410.)

Zidkijah in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE zid-ki'-ja. See ZEDEKIAH, 5.

Zidkijah Scripture - Nehemiah 10:1 Now those that sealed [were], Nehemiah, the Tirshatha, the son of Hachaliah, and Zidkijah,

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